Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like Your Child Enough to Appreciate His Differences

As children grow and begin to develop their own personalities, parents may find that a child has some tendencies or traits that rub them the wrong way. For example, a free-spirited, athletic parent may grow exasperated with a quiet child who spends hours reading. Don't take it personally! Do your best to find some common ground! Believe me, your child longs for that as much as you do!

How about listing all the wonderful things about your child that you admire? Appreciate your child by grasping the divine nature of her differences. God has a special plan and purpose for your child, and He designed her personality with His ultimate goal in mind.
Every parent hopes to raise likeable children. Likeability is what engages people in relationships, and God-honoring relationships draw people to Christ. If you are dealing with an anxious ‘tween or an aggravating toddler, the likeability meter may be low. That is where love comes in. Love tides you over when like is dwindling! There will always be times when the likeability factor just does not add up. When that happens, love your child enough to pursue her likeability.


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