Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have Fun with Your Kids

If you like me, you're going to spend time with me and we're going to have fun, right? That's sound reasoning! So I'm asking you today, do your kids know you like them?

My sons have recently become fascinated with the old shoot-‘em-up Westerns. I like spending time with my boys, so that means I have recently become fascinated with Westerns, too. Well, not really, but I am fascinated with my boys, and as they grow, I am interested in what makes them tick. I would rather join in their fun than be left out of it.

Try these tips for a quick study in Like-ology:

Listen—Listen to your child, giving her your undivided attention.

Laugh—Laugh at his jokes, and take note of the things he finds humorous.

Look—Pay attention! When you like someone, you notice everything about him.

Linger—Make time to be still with your child. Make yourself available so he knows he is important to you.


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