Thursday, May 6, 2010

All My Worldly Goods

Hey Everybody,

Last night, over close to the flood waters, I saw an elderly woman driving a car that was packed to the gills (sorry--that is appropriate though!) with all her worldly goods. It broke my heart. It made me stop and think too, as I sit looking around my home, that the fact is everything I have can be replaced. The only "irreplaceable" items would be things like the kids' pictures, our wedding pictures, letters that I have saved from my parents and my grandmother, things like that. With devastation all around us, everything has acquired the "temporary" status it deserves. And people--God's precious handiwork--have regained the soul prominence that was worth our Savior's own blood. Truly, the water has washed many things away, but it has washed in a renewed perspective.

What would you throw in the car (after your family and pets!) if you were fleeing flood waters? If you really think about it, there's not that much.

Please don't stop praying for Nashville.


Lauren said...

Haven't stopped praying since this past weekend. My brother and his family live there. They didn't experience any damage but only because they live up on a hill. I am SO thankful they were spared but so heartbroken by everything else I have heard.


Jane In The Jungle said...

Ok mine would be so packed with kids, dogs and cats...seriously there wouldn't be room for much else, LOL! I would grab my flash drive for my pics and lock the door on the way out!! After everyone is in the car of course!!!

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