Friday, March 5, 2010

Tips to Help You Be Consistent!

Being consistent is never easy, but it is most challenged when parents are tired, frustrated, stressed, or distracted. When the kids are putting you to the test, try one of these tips:

Take a Mommy time-out. Go to another part of the room or house, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Ask God to give you wisdom for the situation and strength to be consistent.

Turn down the volume of your voice. Learn to control the volume of your voice as well as the height of your frustration when you choose to get softer rather than louder with your kids.

Turn in early. Getting a good night’s sleep (adults need 7 – 8 hours) will prepare you physically to meet many of parenting’s greatest challenges.

Tune in. If you are distracted by phone calls, the Internet, or television, focus on your children. Give them fifteen minutes of your undivided attention and see what happens! You will find their behavior improves when they don't feel they are competing for your focus.


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