Thursday, February 25, 2010

B-day Parties with a Missional Mindset

When the Apostle Paul advised the Corinthians to “do everything for God’s glory,” he knew it was possible. Even a child’s birthday party can become an opportunity for outreach and ministry. “Look at how Jesus partied,” suggests Page Hughes. “Jesus related to people in areas they had in common. He found common ground.”

Get a group of parents and kids together and you'lll find there is plenty of common ground. Get to know the people you've invited. Don’t focus on the party details, but on your guests. “Jesus took the time to get to know people and then at the right time shared the reason for the hope in Him,” says Page. Here's a couple of Page's ideas for kids' parties.

A circus theme. Make circus tent invitations and decorate with clowns, streamers, and balloons. Serve cotton candy, peanuts, and snow cones, and play “pin the nose on the clown.” Tell the children the Bible story of Daniel’s night in the lion’s den and of our God who is the greatest lion tamer of all!

Princess pary. Tween girls love a princess party! Watch Disney's “The Princess Protection Program” with plenty of popcorn and soda to go around. Let the girls dress up with tiaras and feather boas. Head out to the bowling alley for a few games after the movie (from a scene in the film) and back home for sundaes made with frozen yogurt (also from a scene in the film). Take an “intermission” during the movie to share with your guests that we can all be daughters of the King, our Lord Jesus!

Kids and parents are hungry for the Word of God. Don't be shy when it comes to sharing the love of Christ and His message of salvation!


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2Thinks said...

Kids and parents ARE hungry for the word of God. You got that right! I used to think people didn't really care much or didn't want to spend time talking about Jesus. I was wrong. They do. It just causes a lot of uncomfortableness sometimes, but it is worth the risk of that to go tell it on the mountain- you know.

Good tip.

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