Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Ready!

Hey Everybody,

Don't forget See You at the Pole is tomorrow--Wednesday, September 23!

If you're on your way to work in the morning and you see some kids gathered around a flagpole, please take a few minutes to stop and pray with them! It's okay--they will love it! They are praying for our country, our future, and our nation's millions of souls who need Jesus. They are also praying for the community in which they find themselves immersed everyday: school. As you remember, it can be its own planet.

Last Friday, my church family had the pleasure of serving a taco dinner to the local high school's football team. It had been some time since I had walked through the hallways of a public high school, and oh my, it still made me nervous! As a sign of what is becoming typical these days, there were little stations set up everywhere with hand sanitizer dispensers. At every turn in the hallway, and throughout the cafeteria, you could just squirt and keep on goin'! LOL. But truthfully, it is not that easy to disinfect the multitude of hurts, problems, and issues that many teens face every day.

I will be speaking at the SYATP rally at Richland Park in Portland, TN, tomorrow evening, and Danya and her band will be there leading worship. Would you please pray for us? And pray for all the kids who are joining hands and hearts around the flagpole tomorrow.



Jane In The Jungle said...

You know I'll pray for all of y'all!

2Thinks said...

Meet you at the pole- in spirit that is.

I have a sudden urge to make a taco.

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