Thursday, July 30, 2009

Praying for the YWOW Conference This Weekend

Hey Everybody,

It's almost here! The Young Woman of Worth Conference in Auburn, Kentucky, is this Saturday! It is only two days away, and Danya and I are so excited! The conference is focused on the Old Testament story of Esther, and the entire day will wrap itself around what the Lord has to say to today's 21st Century young women through that ancient text.

Esther. You know, I just feel like I know her after studying her for all these months! I'm convinced she was a teenager. Chuck Swindoll, in his book on Esther, noted that she couldn't have been more than 20, and she was probably much younger. She had already been through so much, and to see how the Lord elevated her to the position of queen--not so she could finally have a cushy life, but so she could be in the right place at the right time to save her people.

Today's young women of worth have a people to save, as well. They have an entire generation of peers who do not know the Lord. In fact, in the area where my family serves right here in Nashville, the latest stats revealed a community of 75% second-generation unchurched. And it's moving into the third generation rapidly.

Will you pray for these girls and the conference this Saturday? It seems that the enemy is quite unhappy with what we're trying to do. The event planner is dealing with kidney stones this week (please pray for her), and there have been many other setbacks and hurdles that we have encountered over the past several months. But God has a plan, and the enemy's plans are sure to be thwarted as the Lord reigns sovereignly over this Saturday, as surely as He triumphed in the book of Esther!

Here's what I'm speaking on and how you can pray!

Session One: Esther: Your Time is Now In this session, I'm telling the story of Esther. This sets the tone for the day and everything that is going on. Pray for the girls to really get the picture of what happened and the amazing way that the Lord choreographed the whole thing!

Session Two: What Are You Soaking In? Esther soaked in oil of myrrh, and she picked up its fragrance--a fragrance that distinguished royalty and marked those who were set apart. Pray for me as I direct the girls to think about what they are soaking in (their culture, choices, and attitudes) and how it is determining how they influence others and how they identify themselves.

Session Three: Whatever Pleases the King This was Esther's tagline--it was how she lived her life. Please pray for me as I talk about today's issues with the girls, including cutting, eating disorders, and purity. I cannot do the convicting--that's the Holy Spirit's job--so pray that the Lord will use me to prepare the way for the Spirit to move in a mighty way in the hearts of these girls. Pray for a life-transforming day and for many to come to know Jesus Christ in a real and personal way!

Thanks, y'all. :)


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Jane In The Jungle said...

Will be praying for you and Danya and the conference. I so look forward to when Shea and I can share in these conferences!

70% is mind boggeling!!!!

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