Friday, July 17, 2009

The Pickle Fairy

Hey Everybody,

You've heard of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and even the Great Pumpkin, but have you ever heard of the Pickle Fairy?

Every summer, David goes out to the garden to gather the cucumbers. My, my, my--they seem to grow exponentially! Day after day they pile up on the counters and overflow the veggie bins in the fridge. See, here's my problem: If I can't make a casserole with them, or eat them in the mornings with grits, I hardly know just what to do with them! But then, just when I least expect it...just when cucumber stress has me wringing my hands and crying in my tomato sandwiches...the Pickle Fairy comes along!

She sneaks them out of the fridge, stuffing them in her pockets. She slides them off the countertops, filling up her purse. She loads them carefully in her picklemobile. And a few days later, my cucumbers return. But they are no longer mere cucumbers!

In a metamorphosis that challenges that of the caterpillar to butterfly, my cukes come back in gleaming Mason jars with gorgeous gold lids. They are sliced, sealed, and soaking in what I like to call a pickle wonderland.

Well, y'all, while there is no Santa (ya heard it here first! LOL!), Tooth Fairy, or Great Pumpkin, my mom-in-law, who has actually received marriage proposals from people who have been blessed to receive a jar of her pickles, is the real Pickle Fairy! This year, besides the gift of 12 beautiful jars of her make-a-grown-man-cry good pickles, she also helped me make freezer pickles. Wow! In the words of Barney Fife, I am pickled tink! :)

Thanks, Granna! I love the Pickle Fairy! (Don't you wish you had one?)



Chatty Kelly said...

Don't go bursting my bubble. No Santa? Bah humbug.

Now I'd like to see that pickle fairy. :-)

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Oh, yum! If I show up on your doorstep, will you let me taste one of your mil's pickles? Pretty please? ;-)

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Kris, I'll do better than that! I'll bring a jar to you next week at CSTHEA!

Jane In The Jungle said...

OK gotta know, how do you make freezer 2nd son is getting ready to pickle green beans cause he doesn't have enough cucumbers yet!

And girl if you're bringing Kris a jar, hey put an extra in the car for me, LOL!!

And have you thought about renting your MIL out???

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Will do! (But if I'm bringing pickles, y'all better be ready to buy some books! :) )

And yes, I'll post the freezer pickle recipe next week!

And as for renting my MIL out, well, she is priceless, and a gift of God's ME! Mwahahah! :)

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