Thursday, July 9, 2009

More about the Young Woman of Worth Conference

If you're visiting today because you live in or around the Bowling Green, KY, area, a special welcome to you!

Hey Everybody,

Danya and I have a couple of promotion events scheduled today in Bowling Green, KY, as we gear up for the Young Woman of Worth Conference coming up on Saturday, August 1st! We'll be going by Christian Family Radio to visit with Suz on The Morning Cruise. Then we'll pop over to WBKO's MidDay Live.

Today's young women face so many challenges. One of those struggles is with their self-image. Girls are sent conflicting messages that leave them feeling confused and isolated. For example:

  • Look like a street walker in the way you dress, but be a girl who is respected by the guys.

  • Play dumb in order to gain laughs and popularity, but make sure you get the grades you need to go to a good college.

  • Have a boyfriend that you've been dating for a year or more, but don't get serious with him or plan your life around him.

Those are just a few instances of things real girls have said they deal with. The only person who can lead a double life and get away with it is Hannah Montana, an image most 10th - 12th grade girls today have seen getting lots of attention over the past several years. But honestly, there is no way to have the best of both worlds. It's just conflict and chaos.

So where does that leave a young woman? What is she to think about herself? How does she reconcile the image the world pushes on her outwardly with the image of God that nudges quietly from the inside? She has to know what she is worth, and that has to be a place, a standard, a depth of certainty that she can go back to time and time...and time...again.

The Young Woman of Worth Conference is a day set aside for girls to learn what they are worth. And here's something I've discovered: Whether it's a diamond ring, a baseball signed by a Hall of Famer, or a beautiful shawl that a wonderful husband brought home all the way from Kenya, when you know how much something is worth, you know how to treat it. I believe that once we lead girls into an understanding of how much they are worth to Christ Jesus, the Lover of their souls, how much they are valued, and how much they are loved by Him--then they will know how to treat themselves (and one another).

Please pray for this conference!


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Jane In The Jungle said...

can't wait for my daughter to get old enough to come to this!

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