Thursday, July 23, 2009

Homeschooling: That Thing I Do (Part Three)

Hey Everybody,

If you've missed the first two parts of this post, please scroll down and catch up!

I played the game of, "Am I really supposed to be doing this?" many times after we made the decision to homeschool. It was just May, but when I thought about homeschooling kindergarten, I knew fall was fast approaching. It was hard not to second-guess such a decision on days when the baby was screaming, the laundry was piled up, I hadn't had time for a shower, and the dishes hadn't even been done since the night before.

On what was probably the worst day ever, I was trying to iron a few things in a house that looked like a Tennessee tornado had blown through. (With everything else that needed doing, I'm not sure why I was ironing, but I was.) Seeing tear drops on the shirt I was ironing, I realized I was crying. And I was thinking, There's no way. I cannot even manage this house. I will never be able to homeschool in the fall. I can't even get it together now. So I prayed, "Lord, if you really have called me to homeschool, then I need a sign. You have to give me something I can hang my hat on here, because I'm looking at what I see and I do not see any way that I can do this."

About an hour later, someone knocked on the door. I was surprised out of my mind to see that it was our friends Jim and Vicky, all the way from Charlotte, NC. They were traveling to Texas, and they just thought they would stop in Nashville and see if we were home. Immediately, I knew. Thank You, God! You sent me Vicky! Vicky, one of my dearest friends, was a homeschooling mom and a homemaking mentor to me when we lived in Charlotte (where Danya was born). She spent the afternoon holding the baby, helping me clean up my house, and telling me over and over again that yes, I could do it. Yes, there would be days like this--but yes, God was faithful and His Grace was sufficient.

What an answer to prayer! I hung my hat on that special afternoon for many years to come.

And the seed began to bud.



Chatty Kelly said...

Just caught up on your three parts. Wow! What a great story. God is so faithful. I love the blantant answer to your prayer!

I am definitely not called to homeschool, but I pray my children are well behaved and love the Lord. Those things comes from home.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Whew, been there done that many times especially now that we're hitting high school!!!

See ya tomorrow!

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