Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

A note from Kelly today prompted me to want to touch base with everyone during this busy month. When I visited her blog, I saw that the "Thankful Thursday" meme was going strong, so I thought that would be something that I could share with y'all today. Here is what I'm thankful for on this busy day:

1. My parents and my in-laws. That we get to share another Christmas with these four wonderful people is just amazing to me. They are responsible for the rich Christian heritage my kids enjoy and embrace on a daily basis. They are active and involved in their lives, and they are the best grandparents any child could ever have. My kids have grown up knowing and loving them, and that is a blessing I am thankful for every day.

2. Basketball. Another season means more trial by fire as I strive (sometimes nightly, when the schedule is hectic!) to cheer for the team while keeping from pelting the mouthy parents in the stands. :) But anytime I am calling on the Lord, praying Scripture ("Where is the guard who is supposed to sit at the door of my mouth, Lord? Help!"), and seeking to be a channel of His Love rather than walking around in my flesh, that is a good thing. :) And I love what my boys, oblivious to the drama in the stands, are learning about sportsmanship, teamwork, and pressing in!

3. Girls seeking God. The Lord continues to open doors for girls' conferences! Danya and I have several scheduled for next year, and we are so excited to share Christ with those hearts! I'm thankful for people who accept the burden of taking on the administrating and organizing of such an event, all for the glory of God.

4. Warm ovens. When the oven is warm, it means something is going in it, or something has just come out of it. I love this season, when cooking for friends and family is a special delight!

5. Hope. At the end of last year, God placed a new hope in my heart that was so real--nearly tangible--and I have not let go of it. Hope for His people, His purposes, and His plans has been my mantra for the past 365 days. It's a song my heart cannot quit singing! In the face of the enemy, I have hope. Thanks be to God!


Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Rebecca! So glad you're joining in on Thankful Thursday! I love your list, it brings joy to my heart to read along! I agree that in the midst of anything the enemy can hit us with, we have HOPE! I cannot imagine life without that hope.

God Bless you and your family this holiday season!

Merry Christmas,

Chatty Kelly said...

#5 - I cannot imagine life without the hope of God! I'm so glad you joined it today, and that I got to hear from you.

I pray God continues to inspire you and your hopes and dreams come true!

Merry Christmas!

sailorcross said...

Hi Rebecca!!

I'm so glad you joined in on "Thankful Thursday"!! Your list is wonderful, especially #5--I just don't know how those without the hope of God in their lives make it from day to day.

I do know because I used to be there--but, no longer!! And I know that living without hope is just not living.


godsown said...

#5 So true and what a blessing we can have that and hold unto it
Will come back to your blog
Merry x-mas

Mary Moss said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your hope today.

I pray it is sustained in the year ahead.


Edie said...

Hi Rebecca! What a wonderful list! Family, love, fun, food, Christ, and Hope. It just doesn't get much better. :)

JANE said...

I can't wait for when my daughter is old enough and we can come to one of the Girls Seeking God seminars you and Danya have!!
Thanks for Thankful Thursday even if I'm not here til Sunday!!

Regina said...

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" LOL

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season! Merry Christmas and I know you will have a blessed NEW YEAR!

Jill said...

Good words Rebecca - as a former b-ball coach I can relate to your words there. But during an emotional Christmas week, I am really relating to your thankfulness for hope. What a gift and isn't great that God's gifts never break, run out of batteries or collect dust in the closet!! Blessings to you,

Julie Gillies said...


Your Thankful list is wonderful.

I pray the Lord blesses you and your family in 2009.

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