Monday, November 10, 2008


Have you seen HSM3? I have to admit, I'm a fan! It's the high school I wish I'd gone to!

Here's how I felt about high school: I'm meeting with the Josten's rep to order my class ring, right? And he's looking at the design I've chosen, and he points out to me where my school name will go.

"I have to have the school name on my ring?" I asked.

Awkward pause from rep who is obviously strung out from a day spent with teenagers. "Uhm, yeah," he said. "You have to have the school name on the ring."

Awkward pause from student (me!) who is obviously strung out from a day spent with teenagers. "Does it have to be the name of my school?"

Here's what you have to understand: I had huge dreams for high school! After all, Greg and Marcia loved it! I just knew I would, too! Alas, those dreams were dashed during my middle school years, and while I held on to hope that high school would be better. . .it took around a day to figure out that it wouldn't be! :)

Derek and I went to see HSM3 last weekend, just as I was finishing up work on the cover article for the April 09 issue of HomeLife magazine. The story is about Missy Jenkins, a school shooting survivor. Time and again as I interviewed Missy and others, read through her book, and researched the shooting, I found myself weeping. I thought, "This could have happened in my high school." So the irony of watching the wholesome, fun, singing and dancing East High after working through such an event as the Heath High School shooting was not lost on me. In fact, it provided a balance, and that was really a good thing!

You know what? I'll bet if I had gone to East High, I would still be wearing my class ring!


JANE said...

Hey Rebecca,
I am with ya except I've not seen any of the High School Musicals, none of the 3 boys are interested and the girl is too young! Even though I was involved in activities in high school, I couldn't wait until I got out and never looked back, even for any of those reunions after 30 yrs!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Chatty Kelly said...

Now in the role of Sharpay Evans is Chatty Kelly!!!

Seriously, if my HS days were reflected in the movie, I'd be some extra walking in the background that no one noticed. My HS days were miserable. But itsn't it nice to have a Disney escape to enjoy?

But why did Troy get to give the graduation speech at the end? I'm sure Gabriella was validictorian (sp?). LOL!

Kris said...

Megan is our resident HSM fan. It's the first movie that I've gone to see on opening weekend in many, many moons. She loved it! And, I loved having the honor of taking her to see it. I got the Best Mom award for that one. ;-)

High school, for me, was tolerable, but that's about it. We had our 20 year reunion this year and I didn't go. I had no desire to go reconnect with anyone.

Edie said...

First of all ... Congratulations on the cover article! I can imagine that must have been a tough one on the emotions. Glad you got to balance it out with some laughter.

I was not thrilled with HS. Continuous racial tension and threat of riots.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I totally didn't see Chatty Kelly's question, but here's the answer:

Troy gave the speech because he was class president.

Chatty Kelly said...

Ahhhh! I guess I should have paid more attention at my own graduation. LOL.

Seriously, you read my P31 article, you know my own graduation, well, let's just say it was no high school musical.

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