Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, calm down!

Jordin Sparks is not part of my blog tour! (That would be cool, I'll admit, but have you checked the prices of gas this weekend? The blog tour will resume Monday!)

However, I just read an article by one of my favorite opinion columnists, Kelly Boggs, and I wanted to share it with you. You may want to share it with your middlers and teens, as it concerns how Jordin took a stand for purity. My hat's off to Jordin, as well.

Just click HERE.


Chatty Kelly said...

What a great article. How sad that in today's world we have to defend NOT having sex, instead of the opposite. It makes me feel very sad about our culture.

Thanks for sharing some good news. We all needed it.

As for the writer's comment "a little sex never hurt anyone" - tell that to a pregnant teen, or an HIV patient. It's just not true.

Julie Gillies said...

Good for Jordin (and the Jonas brothers!). At least truth is being heard out there...they are being lights in a dark, morally defunct world.

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