Wednesday, August 20, 2008

THE MILE HIGH WEEKEND--Part Two: Backstage, Onstage, and After the Show

If you haven't read Part One of this post, go do that now!

Did you? Okay, whatever. Here we go!

Last Saturday night, Danya opened for Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. (Don't feel bad if that means nothing to you. I didn't know who they were either.) But as I started telling people, I soon realized that this was a big deal! They are a nationally known Christian band, and recently, they were a top three finalist on Fox TV's "Next Great American Band." My friend Sandy was so excited--she's a big fan of Denver's and had already been to see the MHO in concert several times. So this was turning out to be very, very cool! Listen to them at their myspace. Do you like that kind of sound? They were first-class, all the way.

Before my camera died, I took a picture of them doing sound check a few hours before the show.

Danya and her band had to wait for DMHO to get finished with their sound check before they could do theirs. So there was quite a bit of hanging out time, and a lot of fun people to hang out with. Well, there was a girl backstage with one of the trombone players, and Danya immediately recognized her. Immediately. The girl said to her, "Hi, my name's Jess."

And the lovely was just freaking out...(I told y'all to read yesterday's post, for cryin' out loud!)...and she is thinking to herself, Maybe she didn't say Jess. Maybe she said Beth, or Bess...
So she asks her, "Would you spell that?" (I just think that is hilarious. That is soooo like something I would do!) And the girl says, "Jess, like Jessie, like Jessica..."

And the lovely said, "What's your last name?" (Now, at this point, the guy playing bass for Danya is wondering why Danya is being so interrogative. What is up??? He had no idea.)

The reply came quickly. "Daniels."

"I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Danya fairly screamed this (in her mind), as she calmly said, "Hi, I'm Danya. I opened for you when I was 12 years old!"

Reunion time!

I am emotional right now as I post this because this was one of those wonderful moments when God just overwhelmed us with His sweetness. I mean, really--who would have thought? It just blows my mind the way He choreographs our days, weeks, months, and years--plans our steps, maps out our lives. Man! Danya is now the same age Jessie was when she met her.

After the show, Jessie (who was in the audience for the entirety of Danya's concert) came over just overflowing with words of encouragement for Danya. It was absolutely precious. We're still just amazed.

Okay, now, at this point in the evening, since I am really trying to do right by this blog, I know that I have to get a picture of Denver, the Mile High One himself, right? And he was busy signing and taking pics with other people, so when everyone was finally finished, I went over to him and said, "Hi, could I get a picture of you with Danya?" And then the camera just shut down! We took some pictures with the cell phone, but I have no idea how to get them from the phone to here, soooo, this will have to do. He looks pretty much like this in person--truth.

Okay, y'all, I'm ready to hear your fan stories!


Chatty Kelly said...

I am just so amazed at how God wove this all together like a beautiful tapestry. So cool.

Fan stories? Um, I met Lysa TerKeurst at She Speaks, does that count? LOL! And now I'm a fan of yours.

And when Danya hits it big, I'll say "I once saw her in the hall at a convention...and I met her mom."

Or maybe I'll say "Her mom wrote the back cover endorsements of my first book." LOL! I wish.

Ginger Plowman said...

Wow! What a story! How amazing that Jes was there! Out of every where she could have been in this big ole' country she was THERE! I mean, is there ANY way that was a coincidence? I'm thinking...."no!" I don't think there are any coincidences when it comes to the doors God is opening for Danya Powell. The girl is anointed and God obviously has some BIG plans for her. Danya, keep your eyes on Jesus, sweetheart, and don't forget "the boss" when you are famous. I want front row tickets, baby! I love you, "Miss Ginger" (aka...the boss)

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

How thrilling for your sweet Danya! =) Isn't it beautiful how God orchestrates those details?

Fan story...Back in the late 80's, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Music Festival over the summer. My job was in the hospitality trailer backstage. Basically, I kept the food fresh...and got to hang out with them. It was really grounding to see that these 'celebrities' were really just real people who were willing (in most cases) to do the dishes and throw away their own plates, etc.

One of the bands that I met in person was The Imperials. I was such a huge fan, it was an honor to meet them. The bass singer introduced my sister and I to his son, who was about our age & we ran around with him all weekend, when we weren't working. We stayed in touch with him (the son) for a couple yrs via snail mail, but eventually lost contact.

Fast forward to college...The Imperials came to my small college town to do a concert and some friends and I went. After the show, I told them I wanted to go to the front and say hello because I 'knew' them. No one believed me, which just fueled my fire. So I told them all to come with me and I would introduce them.

It was so fun to see their faces when Armond Morales saw me, called to me by name, hugged me AND said that Jason still had a picture of us (me, my sister and Jason) on the bulletin board in his room. =)

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Hey Phyllis! So nice to hear from you! I love your fan story! That is so cool!
Hope you and your fam have a great holiday season!

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