Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey Everybody,

I'm a baseball fan--love the game, love my team, and love this time of the year! Last night our family enjoyed watching the Home Run Derby, and this year, we met a player who was new to us: Josh Hamilton. The first words out of his mouth were about his relationship with God, and the last thing he said last night, after making history by beating the all-time home run hitting record in the first round (28!), was about his love for his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Oddly enough, because of the somewhat strange derby rules (the two who make it to the third round do not carry their runs with them and must both start at zero), Josh didn't win it. However, he made history, and his amazing testimony glorified God as he literally hit 28 out of the park for Jesus!

Even if you don't care a thing about baseball, read Josh's story here. You'll be a fan, too!


Chatty Kelly said...

I'll have my husband read this as he loves baseball. Last night we watched the red-carpet all star parade, and then he watched the all-star game. Not my forte!

But can't wait to read Josh's article! Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

What a inspiring young man!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my new blog! God certainly has me on an interesting journey - and I am having so much fun (most of the time).

Yes, I'll miss seeing you this weekend too. It has been weird not traveling as much this summer, but again, we're just following His leading.

I'll be praying that you have a fruitful time at the CSTHEA convention!

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